ROSRider v4

ROSRider V4 Control Card

Packed with features and innovations, ROSRider card allows users to build ROS compatible robots with ease.

  • ROS Control of differential drive robots
  • C++ based Open Source drivers for ROS2 Humble
  • Controls two motors, two servos, AUX Power
  • Measures and Reports bus voltage, bus current, independent motor current
  • PWM control, PID Speed Control or Vector Command Control modes
  • PID controller, tunable via ROS
  • On board RTC, can wake up on alarm

ROS2RPI Hat for RaspberyPI 4/5

RPI Fan Hat, for building robots with RaspberryPI4/5

  • Independently switchable dual I2C ports, QWIC connectors.
  • Low profile fan design, with metal cooling part.
  • Power and Serial Switchable Lidar Port, for LDLidar STL-19.
  • Switchable Serial Port for debug.

Inertial Measurement Unit

FXIMU, Inertial Measurement Unit for ROS2

  • 1Khz Measurement, 200hz reporting rate default
  • USB CDC connection with high speed virtual serial port (921600 baud)
  • C++ based drivers for ROS2 Humble
  • 3 axis acceletometer, gyro, and magnetometer


Just the plastic and metal parts required to build the CARETTA robot

  • Plastic Bottom Chassis, Clear Top Plate, Mounting Brackets, Plastic Screws
  • Encoder Motors, Rubber Wheels, 3D Printed Rims, and Motor Linkage Parts
  • 3D Printed Parts for Mounting Powerbank
  • All the required cables
  • CARETTA Kit does not include, ROSRider, ROS2RPI, LIDAR or RaspberryPI


Included are parts and components required to build the CARETTA robot, except the battery

  • ROSRider
  • RaspberryPI5 4GB
  • LDLidar STL-19
  • MI PowerBank