ROSRider v4

ROSRider V4 Control Card

125 USD

Packed with features and innovations, ROSRider card allows users to build ROS compatible robots with ease.

  • ROS Control of differential drive robots.
  • C++ based Open Source drivers for ROS2 Humble.
  • Controls two motors, two servos, AUX Power.
  • Measures and Reports bus voltage, bus current, independent motor current.
  • PWM control, PID Speed Control or Vector Command Control modes.
  • PID controller, tunable via ROS.
  • On board RTC, can wake up on alarm.

ROS2RPI Hat for RaspberyPI 4/5

60 USD

RPI Fan Hat, for building robots with RaspberryPI 4/5

  • Software controllable dual independent I2C/QWIC ports.
  • Low profile fan design.
  • Software controllable LIDAR port for LDLidar STL19.
  • Software switchable serial port for debuging.

FXIMU3 Inertial Measurement Unit

160 USD

FXIMU, Inertial Measurement Unit for ROS2

  • 1Khz Measurement, 200hz reporting rate default.
  • USB CDC connection with high speed virtual serial port. (921600 baud)
  • C++ based drivers for ROS2 Humble.
  • 3 axis acceletometer, gyro, and magnetometer.
Kit v1

Caretta Chassis Kit

120 USD

Just the plastic and metal parts required to build the CARETTA robot.

  • Plastic Bottom Chassis, Clear Top Plate, Mounting Brackets, Plastic Screws.
  • Encoder Motors, Rubber Wheels, 3D Printed Rims, and Motor Linkage Parts.
  • 3D Printed Parts for Mounting Powerbank.
  • All the required cables.
  • CARETTA Kit does not include, ROSRider, ROS2RPI, LIDAR or RaspberryPI.
Caretta v1

Caretta Robot Complete Setup

600 USD

Included are parts and components required to build the CARETTA robot, except the battery.

  • ROSRider
  • RaspberryPI 5 8GB
  • LDLidar STL19